ChangeLog for ccs-tools 1.8.7

Version 1.8.7 2020/05/05   Usability enhancement release.

  Loosen domainname validation and pathname validation (this change requires
  updated ccs-patch).

ChangeLog for ccs-tools 1.8.6

Version 1.8.6 2020/01/01   Bug fix release.

    Remove "socket:[family=\\$:type=\\$:protocol=\\$]" from ANY_PATHNAME group.

ChangeLog for ccs-tools 1.8.5

Version 1.8.5p1 2017/01/02   Bug fix release.

    Create namespaces when creating domains.
    Add profile number when copying profiles.

Version 1.8.5 2015/11/11   Tenth anniversary release.

  Limit wildcard recursion depth (this change recommends updated ccs-patch).

ChangeLog for ccs-tools 1.8.4

Version 1.8.4 2015/05/05   Usability enhancement release.

  Support multiple use_group entries (this change requires updated ccs-patch ).

ChangeLog for ccs-tools 1.8.3

Version 1.8.3p9 2015/04/21   Bug fix release.

    Handle more optimization coverage.
    Switch to previous screen by TAB key than switch between
    exception policy screen and domain policy screen.
    Redefine source code's symbol names.

  Programs for testing TOMOYO Linux's kernel have been updated.

Version 1.8.3p8 2014/06/01   Bug fix release.

    Print "acl_group $N" correctly when using offline mode.

Version 1.8.3p7 2014/01/05   Bug fix release.

    Add path to systemd , as suggested by Shawn Landden.

    Use poll() rather than select().

Version 1.8.3p6 2013/04/06   Packaging fix release.

  Fix compile warning from clang.

Version 1.8.3p5 2013/02/14   Packaging fix release.

  Change Makefile's build flags, as suggested by Simon Ruderich and Hideki
  Yamane. (Debian bug 674723)

  Change / to /* in rpm's %files section because Fedora 18 complains conflicts.

Version 1.8.3p4 2012/08/05   Bug fix release.

    Fix namespace prefix parsing in exception policy.

  Rename manpage for init_policy to ccs_init_policy
  (to allow parallel installation of tomoyo-tools package).

Version 1.8.3p3 2012/04/14   Bug fix release.

  Rename root of source tree from ccstools to ccs-tools.

    Parse statistics lines correctly.

    Fix IP address parsing.

Version 1.8.3p2 2012/03/01   Bug fix release.

    Print number of selected entries if any.

Version 1.8.3p1 2011/10/25   Bug fix release.

    Use query id rather than global PID when reading or updating target
    process's domain policy (this change requires updated ccs-patch ).

    Add "socket:[family=\\$:type=\\$:protocol=\\$]" to ANY_PATHNAME group.

Version 1.8.3 2011/09/29   Bug fix release.

  Fix build failure with --as-needed option.

    Handle domain transition preference.

    Handle domain transition preference.

    Version bump.

ChangeLog for ccs-tools 1.8.2

Version 1.8.2p5 2011/09/16   Bug fix release.

    Fix infinite recursion if "task auto_domain_transition " or
    "task manual_domain_transition" entries are given to exception policy
    using "acl_group" keyword.

  Revert "Include linux/sched.h if sched.h does not provide CLONE_NEWNS" and
  bring "#define _GNU_SOURCE" to the top.

Version 1.8.2p4 2011/08/20   Bug fix release.

    Add /proc/self/exe as aggregator entry.

    Fix policy unpacking when multiple namespaces exist.

  Include linux/sched.h if sched.h does not provide CLONE_NEWNS.

Version 1.8.2p3 2011/07/13   Bug fix release.

    Handle profiles in all namespaces.

    Print domain's name rather than shortcut's name.
    Parse and print IPv6 address in RFC5952 format.

    Parse and check IPv6 address in RFC5952 format.

    Parse IPv6 address in RFC5952 format.

Version 1.8.2p2 2011/07/07   Bug fix release.

    Fix bugs in ccs-editpolicy's domain transition jump information.

    Use /proc/ccs/domain_policy rather than /proc/ccs/.domain_status .

Version 1.8.2p1 2011/06/26   Bug fix release.

    Improve domain transition jump information.
    Fix several bugs.

Version 1.8.2 2011/06/20   Minor update release.

  Updated to handle TOMOYO 1.8.2's syntax.

  Support policy namespace.

    Validate policy when editing on-disk policy files.

    Allow reloading configuration file upon SIGHUP.

    Allow reloading configuration file upon SIGHUP.

    Version bump.

ChangeLog for ccs-tools 1.8.1

Version 1.8.1p1 2011/05/11   Minor update release.

    Fix wrong domainname validation.

    Fix wrong ACL lines counting.

    Allow configuring background color.

Version 1.8.1 2011/04/01   Minor update release.

  Updated to handle TOMOYO 1.8.1's syntax.

  Support packed policy format.

  Fix build error on parallel build.

    Handle all domain transition related directives.

ChangeLog for ccs-tools 1.8.0

Version 1.8.0p3 2011/02/14   Dependency reduction and code cleanup release.

  Use readymade manpages in order to remove help2man and gzip from build

  Removed examples from build target in order to remove readline-devel from
  build dependency.

  Use Include.make for passing variables.

  Use install command rather than cp/chmod/chown commands.

  Add comments on and reconstruct some of files.

  Stop if failed to build ccs-editpolicy (probably due to lack of

Version 1.8.0p2 2010/12/31   Usability enhancement release.

  Policy file's location has moved from /etc/ccs/ directory to
  /etc/ccs/policy/YY-MM-DD.hh:mm:ss/ directory. A symlink named "current" which
  points to YY-MM-DD.hh:mm:ss/ directory is created under /etc/ccs/policy/
  directory so that users can switch policy files by manipulating only one
  symlink. Also, a symlink named "previous" which points to previous
  YY-MM-DD.hh:mm:ss/ directory is created under /etc/ccs/policy/ directory
  so that users can easily find previous back up. For compatibility and user's
  convenience, symlinks which point to policy/current/ are created in
  /etc/ccs/ directory.

  Configuration file for userland programs has moved from
  /usr/lib/ccs/ccstools.conf to /etc/ccs/tools/ directory.

    Changed syntax and keywords.
    Added conditional rewriting support.
    Added leading pathname matching and trailing pathname matching support.
    Use /etc/ccs/tools/patternize.conf rather than command line arguments.
    First command line argument was not used by error.
    The "file getattr" permission was not handled by error.

    Use /proc/ccs/audit rather than /proc/ccs/grant_log and
    /proc/ccs/reject_log (this change requires updated ccs-patch ).
    Added conditional auditing support.
    Use /etc/ccs/tools/auditd.conf rather than command line arguments.

    Use /etc/ccs/tools/editpolicy.conf rather than /usr/lib/ccs/ccstools.conf .
    Use /proc/ccs/stat rather than /proc/ccs/meminfo .

    The first argument and the second argument were reversed by error.

    Always read from stdin.
    Do not allow loading multiple policies at the same time.
    Require one of '-e' '-d' '-p' '-m' '-s'.

    Always save domain_policy.conf exception_policy.conf manager.conf and
    profile.conf under /etc/ccs/policy/YY-MM-DD.hh:mm:ss/ directory.
    Require one of '-e' '-d' '-p' '-m' '-s' for printing to stdout.

    Do not terminate upon first occurrence (this means we no longer need to
    start periodically from cron daemon).
    Moved from /usr/lib/ccs/ to /usr/sbin/ .
    Use /etc/ccs/tools/notifyd.conf rather than command line arguments.

    Create initial policy under /etc/ccs/policy/YY-MM-DD.hh:mm:ss/ directory.
    Create initial userland configuration under /etc/ccs/tools/ directory.

    Fix use_group line handling.

Version 1.8.0p1 2010/11/22   Bug fix release.

    The "network " keyword was not printed by error.

Version 1.8.0 2010/11/11   Fifth anniversary release.

  Updated to handle TOMOYO 1.8's syntax.