ChangeLog for tomoyo-tools 2.3.0

Version 2.3.0p4 2012/04/14   Minor update release.

  Update manpages.

  Update Makefile to include variables.

Version 2.3.0p3 2011/09/29   Minor update release.

  Fix build failure with --as-needed option.

  Bring "#define _GNU_SOURCE" to the top in order to make sure that CLONE_NEWNS is defined.

  Remove redundant/unused code.

    Print library file's pathnames using wildcard patterns.

    Allow use of 'O' key from to exception policy editor screen.
    Fix segmentation fault error when '@' key is pressed from process viewer screen.

    Fix validation with "number_group" lines.

    Ignore patterned "allow_read" lines in exception policy.

Version 2.3.0p2 2011/05/11   Minor update release.

  Fix build error on parallel build.

    Fix wrong domainname validation.

     Allow configuring background color.

Version 2.3.0p1 2011/02/11   Bugfix release.

    Mount sysfs when /sys/kernel/security/ does not exist rather than when /sys/kernel/ does not exist, for some distributions have /sys/kernel/debug/ on root device.
    Wait for /etc/tomoyo/tomoyo-post-init in a more reliable way.

    Fix regression introduced when fixing old/new inversion bug.

Version 2.3.0 2010/08/20   Major update release.

  Various enhancements were added to kernel 2.6.36.