ChangeLog for tomoyo-tools 2.4.0

Version 2.4.0p6 2014/06/01   Bug fix release.

    Add path to systemd , as suggested by Shawn Landden.

    Use poll() rather than select().

    Print "acl_group $N" correctly when using offline mode.

Version 2.4.0p5 2013/04/06   Packaging fix release.

  Fix compile warning from clang.

Version 2.4.0p4 2012/04/14   Bug fix release.

  Update manpages.

    Parse statistics lines correctly.

    Print number of selected entries if any.

Version 2.4.0p3 2011/10/25   Bug fix release.

    Add "socket:[family=\\$:type=\\$:protocol=\\$]" to ANY_PATHNAME group.

Version 2.4.0p2 2011/09/29   Bug fix release.

  Fix build failure with --as-needed option.

  Remove redundant/unused code.

  Revert "Include linux/sched.h if sched.h does not provide CLONE_NEWNS" and
  bring "#define _GNU_SOURCE" to the top.

Version 2.4.0p1 2011/08/20   Bug fix release.

    Add /proc/self/exe as aggregator entry.

    Fix policy unpacking when multiple namespaces exist.

  Include linux/sched.h if sched.h does not provide CLONE_NEWNS.

Version 2.4.0 2011/08/06   Major update release.

  Rebased using ccs-tools-1.8.2.