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These files were prepared for the conference, FreedomHEC Taipei 2008.

*.mov	slides (huge)
*.pdf	static data (compact)	for your iPod

Document status: event is over but still updating

The original presentation was composed with Macintosh application, Keynote.
I've spent a fair amount time on this wishing I could make something
valuable (helpful).  Effects, fonts and other details have been decided
very carefully.  So, if you have good bandwidth, please try the huge one.

I enjoyed the FreedomHEC Taipei 2008 both as a speaker and an audience.
I'm really happy to be given an opportunity to have a talk in this
conference held in Taipei.
People were so nice, foods were great, conference was exciting...
My special thanks goes to Huang Chao Lung, Mei-Li Chen
and other staff of Institute for Information Industry in Taipei.

Some photos